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The Clean Air Evolution

The World as we know it will be changed irrevocably in the coming decade. It will not come as a rapid change either. It will evolve as a slow process as we understand and appreciate the enormity of how we have affected the climate of the planet on which we live.

It is an attempt to reduce the damage to our dependency on fossil fuels during the past century that has been at the center of our collective abuse of our home here on planet earth. To be honest, this process of destruction came upon us unknowingly and in stages as our reliance on oil and gas grew exponentially. To the extent that everything we did relied in some way on sources of energy that produced byproducts that were incredibly harmful to the air we breathe.

While we were enjoying the benefits of the advances in equipment and appliances that were invented, we were also damaging the environment around us.

We have gone through many evolutions of the life we live on the planet, the four stages of the industrial revolution, etc. We are now entering a new evolutionary 5th. Period I have coined the name - Electric Age. It will be based mainly on alternative energy sources and new innovations in how we transport ourselves.

While the World may not be ready to accept that we have damaged our environment through our use of dirty fuels through the ages, we are starting to see an emergence of an acceptance of the challenges we are facing by many industrialized countries.

There is a major shift in the global markets to the recent advances in electric and electronic technology that has witnessed a spurt in Battery Technology that has spawned the growth of many new electric cars, trucks, and airplanes. A new age of industrial innovation is upon us.

Welcome to the Electric Age! This has boosted a new look at the many options for alternative sources of energy; Solar, Wind, and Wave technology. We are looking at ways to harness the sources of energy that are free and unlimited, with new inventions coming on stream every year.

Over the new few months, we will review the various options that alternative energy sources can provide for us as we bring the 5th. industrial revolution to life. The digital age, which is where we are today, has improved our lives in so many different ways it is hard to put into words.

Combining the Digital and the Electric age will make a tremendous change in the future and hopefully help alleviate some of the damage to the environment.

Almost everything we use in our daily lives has a source of energy. If you don’t have to plug it in, then it has a battery, or in some cases, solar-powered. More on the benefits of solar and wind in an upcoming article.

The evolution of the battery is a fascinating story on its own, and most people are not aware of the beginnings of the invention of this product, faithfully fulfilling so many duties in our everyday lives! Suffice it to say that the credit for the invention of the battery went to an Italian named Alessandro Volta in 1800. This evolution is still underway today.

From the humble beginnings of Mr. Volta, we see the term “dry battery,” meaning no fluid, to what many of us know as a ‘wet cell battery’ installed in our cars. Then came a plethora of battery innovations – Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cad), Alkaline, Nickel-Iron (Edison), Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), rechargeable dry batteries, and on and on.

Today that evolution of the battery continues at a rapid pace. The battery of tomorrow will astound many of us with the capabilities, the power, and endurance of new innovations soon to grace the products, equipment, and vehicles of tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the next article on Electric Battery Evolution!


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